I may re-do this and make it quicker. xD

Edit: Made them quicker. :D

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    Best friend: The Miz Crush on you: John Cena First Kiss: CM Punk Lover: Cody Rhodes
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    Bestie: Chris Jericho Crushin’ on me: The Miz (oh gerd) First Kiss: John Cena (ermahgerd!) CM Punk Sheamus (yes! that...
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    Best Friend: Sheamus Crush On You: Chris Jericho First Kiss: Daniel Bryan Justin Gabriel Cockblocked By: CM Punk Female...
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    Best Friend: Randy Orton Crush On You: Justin Gabriel First Kiss: John Cena CM Punk??? lol, okay. Cockblocked By: Justin...
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    Wtf -.- Best Friend ; Randy Orton Crush On You ; Randy Orton First Kiss ; Randy Orton Lover ; Randy Orton Cockblocked...
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