I AM SO BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS I HAD TO DO A LAST MIN GIVEAWAY FOR ALL YOU EXCITED SHAOWLS!!!! I didn’t even plan on this hahah…This one will be short and ends on the 19th at 11:59pm EST, the day after the albums drops.  Cuz i cant handle both in the same day lol Rules:

  • No limits on likes or rebloggs but DO NOT SPAM ..if i see that you do, it will automatically disqualify you. Dont be a greedy gump! :P
  • Open internationally. And you must post a photo when you receive your gift, this helps me out a lot.
  • You dont have to be following,but it sure would be nice if ya did:D
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND: I LIVE IN THE STATES…it will be shipped to me on release date…sometimes it takes up to 3 weeks for me to receive shipments from Korea. THEN i will ship to you. I kindly ask your understanding. 

You only have 8 days guys so GO GO GO!! Thanks for being amazing followers..Shawols are seriously the best. xoxox Just ask if if theres anything i forgot…

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Tell me a bedtime story

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Universal cat language for, “See that thing? IMMA FUCK IT UP”

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Great. Time to see the dentist now too. Awesome.

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Sanghyuk for STAFF - Summer Vs Winter

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With the recent Robin Williams death by suicide


I will donate $1 (USD) per 5 notes towards the ‘American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’ 

(I’m doing 1:5 ratio as I don’t make substantial amount of money where I can up the ratio)

No rules. Ends August 26th, 2014. 

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cr.: V.Cloud / do not edit

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Brown Butter Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches | Kevin And Amanda

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